only 300.00 GBP each


only 300.00 GBP each

The PIF machine adds dub preamp filters to your set. This is a cheap way to get a true sound system experience. Trouser flapping basslines and crisp sweeping effects will put many of the larger preamps on the market to shame. Because the unit is reasonably simple, the quality of the sound is much more linear and with lower distortion compared to that of many traditional preamps. Unit should be ideally fitted on the insert of the audio channel on more complete mixing desks. In some systems 2 mixers will be needed, One for FX and Microphones and Another for the music source. This will allow the Operator to apply sirens and vocals over the filtered music. Designed and built by a team in the EU by graduate engineers with over 15 years experience in the sound system industry.

* Linkwitz Riley 24dB Slope Isolation EQ with Kill Switches
* Crossover Frequency 180Hz and 1.6KHz
* 2 High Quality Balanced XLR Combo Inputs. Summed internally to Mono.
* 2 High Quality Balanced XLR Outputs + Jacks
* Bass and mid top Full Parametric with Width, Frequency and Gain controls.
* HP LP filter with Resonance.
* Mains power 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
* Light Weight Engraved ABS Casing.
* 2 Year Warranty.

300 GBP includes worldwide shipping.

*We are able to modify the Frequency or other aspects of the units as they are produced, please contact us for further info.*
**It will take up to 6 weeks for your order to be dispatched.**