NSR3 Dub Siren Rack with Echo

Photo of NSR3 Dub siren Rackmount

The NSR3 is an NJD style siren with Echo.  This is the same siren as the NS3

We no longer ENGRAVE the units. the controls are blank. We have not updated the photos yet!!!

Controls Left to right

  1. Siren Pitch 1-4
  2. Siren Mode 1-4
  3. Siren Beat 1-3 + Off
  4. Siren Trigger
  5. Siren Siren Push (used when Beat = Off)
  6. Siren Tone Push (used when Beat = Off)
  7. Siren Volume
  8. Echo Delay
  9. Echo Feedback
  10. Led on light

Please note this siren is supplied WITHOUT the PSU to keep costs down.

It can run on a 9V battery, it also has a 2.1mm DC Jack wired Centre +. for a 9V power unit.