"When I first heard about the Rigsmith lab and their toys I was blown away. We have got a custom built spring reverb which has been, since the first day, used in every single mix we made ... The sirens amazing to, it's with built in echo which make it all in one and an easy to use unit. I have been lucky enough to come and share a stage with the Rigsmith crew. I really enjoyed the vibes from each and every person and their sound system was perfect for my set. Its very clean and heavy weight from low bass to the high end. Top class."

Adam Riddim Tuffa (2013)


"I would just like to pass on my many thanks to Dave and the Rigsmith team for the lab-work carried out for me recently. I first purchased the rigs siren with delay and then had a custom one off 19" rack-mount unit built with separate line in and microphone pre amp this allows me to either make use of the echo with the microphone input via XLR or play my MP3 console through the jack line in as well as the siren with positive echo on all lines. I look forward to purchasing further units as the build quality and response time are very good and the team are very good and open to any custom requests I may have. Many Thanks."

Urban Kronix Radio (2013)


"I've heard and played on nuff heavy roots systems now to tell ya rig smith a real contender with some real upfull vibes and for sound electronics I wouldn't go to anyone else worldwide , it gotta be rigsmith from sirens to pre amps .. rig smith the true master in the lab seeen."

Dan Come Unity Sound (2013)


"Rigsmith spring reverb/delay sound like thunder n lightning. Little siren with built in echo is a fine piece o kit for sure. Always a pleasure to deal with you. Big up n ilee bless."

S. Watson (2013)


"Always come with a bang ... never a bad night!"

F. Jendruh (2013)


"Props Rig Smith, ya always kill it! Ya bring that fire each n every time!"

M. Grip (2013)


"SIKA studios have worked with Rigsmith HiFi from birth. We have first hand experience from birth to growth to being in our experience eyes one of the best SouthWest rigs going. We are 100% confident in the quality of their sound and custom speaker building. They come with the SIKA mark of recommendation, easy to work with, on a level head providing more quality Hi Fi sounds to many of our festival stages and events for years to come. Woooha!"

Sika Studios (2012)


"Lovin my special ickle purple NJD-Echo siren, now im wanting a reverb to match xxx"

Angie Lioness (2012)